A few of my recent phone shots

Lately I’m taking my little boy and his friends to a nearby mountain of Trebevic on every Saturday and Sunday. I usually bring my DSLR and/or my my drone, but the last time I decided to leave them in the trunk and walk around only with phone in my hands and try taking acceptable images. I edited all of them, but, once again, I did so only using my phone.

This post is just to share few of them. So here we go…

If I wasn’t walking around I was sitting under this cabin/gazebo thingy watching a movie, surfing the web, or reading something. I looked up and saw beautiful Trebevic summit through on opening in the roof construction. Took few shots of it with different crops, and this is my favorite one.

Trebevic summit as seen from one of the First Sumar’s cabins

Walking around I saw this cabin, one of many identical cabins, at the place we were at, but this one was apparently only visited by one person since the last snow fall. The tracks in the snow captured my attention, I got low, on my knees, and took this one.

One of the cabins at First Sumar

The weakest photo of the day, but for some reason I like it. Just a branch covered with snow, right next to the children’s background.

A pine tree branch


This is not my first time I tried limiting myself to only use a phone for photographing. Here’s a few other phone shots I took in the last year or so that were also edited solely using the Snapseed, a mobile app by Google.

The photo below is a shot I took of a Gazi Husref Bey’s museum in Sarajevo during my Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2015. I was happy with the image, but forgot to submit it for competition. Genius. If you ever visit Sarajevo go and visit this place. It’s beautiful. If you live here, also take an hour and visit. Entry fee is next to nothing and its’ worth it.

Gazi Husref Bey’s museum in Sarajevo

In October 2015 I had appendicitis and I spent a couple of days in the hospital. They brought in this lovely old man who was quite sick and exhausted so he fell asleep immediately. The afternoon sun came through the window and bathed his face in most beautiful way. I quickly took a couple of shots. They don’t to justice to the actual scene, but I still like looking at them. I sometimes wonder how this old man is now and if he got any better.

Ill old man on hospital bed right next to mine

No special story about this one. I was walking pass the Grand Orthodox church in Sarajevo. It’s warm lights played well with the deep blue dusk skies. I took a shot, and edited it in Snapseed.

Orthodox Church In Sarajevo


Please let me know what you think about these in comments below. Worthy of showing to people? What would you change? Do you have any photos you’re proud of, please leave a link.


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