After Midnight Shots Of Bascarsija Under Snow

About a month ago, when all these snowfalls started happening in Sarajevo, I saw an amazing image on my friend’s, Edin Hadzihasic’s, Facebook profile. He went out at midnight, and took a photograph of the famous Pigeon Square and the Adazal clock. So I decided to also go out another day and rip his idea off :D.

It took me a week or two before I did it. Maybe I wouldn’t have done it at all, but I was getting back from the gym, it was almost 1AM and it was Saturday, so I did not have to get up early for work. I also had a camera in the trunk (with the kit lens, and no tripod though :D). I mean when would I do it, if not that night.

It was hardly snowing, unfortunately, but I tried to get at least some snow in the shot by zooming in on some pictures. Zooming in compresses the image so any precipitations look “richer”. I also took few wide shots, as the clock, the tall tree, the Sebilj and the mosque were lined up so nicely, and I wanted to try having them all in one picture.

Apart from taking the shots from few different angles in with variety of focal lengths, I also tried editing them differently. I treated some of them like I usually do with night landscape photos (high noise reduction, high sharpening, wide gap between shadows and highlights, etc), but those haven’t turned the best. Noise reduction was the worst, it kept removing falling snow from the images as it was weak and scarce so the algorithm got “confused”. I edited all of the images in Lightroom and spent not more than 3 minutes on each of them. I may go back and do it properly in Photoshop. I’m sure I could bring back the snow, and remove enough noise. We’ll see.

Another thing I need to get rid of is the irritating smudge in the clock itself, right underneath the place where clock hands merge.

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