Solution to the gcc error: undefined reference to `ilogb’ (C/C++)

The ilogb( ) functions return the exponent of their floating-point argument as a signed integer. If the argument is not normalized, ilogb( ) returns the exponent of its normalized value. Here’s simple program that uses ilogb()

  Now, if You use this function and get the following gcc linker error: undefined reference to `ilogb’ […]

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Random DateTime in the range (C#)

So You need a random DateTime value in some range, and C# Random class does not provide Random.NextDateTime(from, to). Here’s a simple solution for this problem…

  As this method is written as an extension method to Random class, you’ll be able to use it just as a static Random class method (Random.NextDateTime(startDateTime, endDateTime). […]

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It’s all her parent’s fault

I already told this story on my blog before I got hacked and lost everything, and I wanted to bring it back to life, as I find it extremely entertaining and funny. Years back, I was working as a “promising” junior software engineer for a company that specializes in enterprise solutions and services for large […]

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