Come and join World Wide Photowalk 2015 in Sarajevo.

Hi y’all

Just as we did for the last two years, we’ll join forces with Scott Kelby and thousands of other photographers around the globe, here in Sarajevo as well. Everyone is invited to register and participate for free and get a chance to win some awesome prizes.

You don’t need any fancy camera gear at all. There are no restrictions of that or similar kind. If you’re happy with pictures your phone creates, that’s totally fine too.

You know what, here’s a link to the official FAQ page. It’s very unlikely that you have a question about the walk that has not been answered there…

As for the walk itself, we plan on walking up Ferhadija Street, stopping by Eternal Flame, Central Bank, Marketplace (Trznica), etc. Once we reach Old Town, we’ll hang out in Begova Mosque’s yard for 10-15 minutes and then explore all the small side-streets photographing old manufacturing shops and people in them. Then We’ll move to Bascarsija and spend few minutes there too.

Afterwards, we’ll go to the Jekovac fortress and grab few Vistas of Sarajevo at sunset. Its probably good idea to bring your tripod with you.

After that, we’ll go back to Bascarsija and into Morica Han. We’ll snap few photos there, and then have a coffe at their coffe shop and do a day’s resume….

I hope I’ll see you there.


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