Experience of having my blog/post #1 hot reddit on programming subreddit for a day.

I have this blog o’ mine for several years now but I’m not super dedicated to it. I was never trying to become a world renown writer/blogger. I use to have several people a day checking the content out, mostly by following links from stackoverflow.com to my blogs with solutions to various programming issues. My main goal with it was always to just build web presence and personal brand a little bit, so my potential clients and employers can look me up easier.

Since I got hacked and lost all my old content, the traffic load was even lower. Some days I’d have even 0 visitors on the site.

I created my account on reddit.com about 4 years ago out of curiosity. I posted one link, again, out of curiosity, and forgot about Reddit altogether as I found their UI to be very confusing and a deal breaker for me, although I liked the content very much.

Few days ago I decided to give it another shot, but this time on a mobile app (Reddit Is Fun), hoping for better UI/UX experience, which BTW I think I got and I decided to stick with it. This time I posted another link to /r/programming, this time on my funny experience in one of the companies I worked for and forgot about it.

Fast forward 9 hours, for some reason I opened my Google Analytics and saw this…

Reddit Analytics


First I thought it’s a bug in Google Analytics.

Then I thought I may be hacked again, and this was the traffic hacker generated in the process, but then I saw that ALL OF THE TRAFFIC was from Reddit.

I quickly fired the Reddit app up and saw my link karma being 717 (it was 1 until that day).

Went through some of more than 300 comments and realized MY BLOG IS DOWN!!!

I quickly logged onto my server and after not finding anything wrong with it, I realized stupid WordPress was actually “bricked” (use better word here, please, after all I’m not a native english speaker). Quickly fixed that and enabled caching so damn thing does not hit the DB on every http request (also people were suggesting enabling caching in comments, so I want to thank everyone right now).

I never in my wildest dreams thought I will need caching on my blog, WOW!

Then I enjoyed myself by refreshing my Reddit profile page, and having Google Analytics Real Time reporting on the screen :D. Who’d think looking at some numbers change can be that much fun.

Then it struck me that I could add Google AdSense to the page, while the load still lasts, although it was already declining.

Finally I reluctantly went to sleep at around 4AM.

Until Today, two days later

  • my blog had close to 22000 hits
  • it made around $10 (I know it’s nothing, but I’m excited about it as I can possibly be because all of this is new to me)
  • it still has few people online at all times
  • and I’m still so psyched about the whole experience. I enjoy roller coasters of all types, real ones, as well as emotional ones apparently 😀
  • I still often refresh my Reddit page as well as have Google Analytics in real time open in one of my monitors and enjoy looking at the numbers

Hence this post.

I still have many more thoughts and emotions to share with you, but this post is getting too long. I’ll try breaking everything up in few more articles over the next few days and put them on the blog.

Stay tuned 😉

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