Nasa released the original code for Apollo 11 guidance computer, few hours later the first “issue” has been reported.

NASA released the original source code for Apollo 11 guidance computer (AGC) yesterday. The code was released on GitHub, and few hours later someone reported the first “issue“.

A customer has had a fairly serious problem with stirring the cryogenic tanks with a circuit fault present. To reproduce:

  1. Build CSM
  2. Perform mission up to translunar coast
  3. During translunar coast, attempt to stir cryo tanks

If a wiring fault exists, the issue may be replicated. Be aware that this may be hazardous to the tester attempting it.

People received the joke well, and pile on, these are some of the comments (I personally like stereotype jokes in this thread the best)…

i think this issue should be closed because we can’t reproduce it


Have you tried turning it off and on again?


This is fixed in Apollo 14.


The whole thread is really hilarious, I strongly suggest you visit the site and give it a read.

AGC Issue

Meanwhile, there’s also been few more “issues” reported (see image below), but the above mentioned one is the original, and the most fun.

AGC Issues


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