Scott Kelby’s 8th annual WorldWide Photo Walk announced

Few Days ago, Scott Kelby announced his world wide photo walk for this year (2015). It’s a world wide event where photographers join groups of up to 50 people, spend 2-3 hours walking and shooting, have a great time, and if they feel like it, submit one photo they find the best for competition.

Every group has a leader appointed and leaders will be picking one winning photo from their group that will automatically be submitted for the final contest. There are awesome prizes reserved for both local winners, as well as grand competition winner. Also, top 10 finalists as well as people choice photo will be rewarded.

Prizes themselves are usually insane. Last year value of the grand prize was over 10 000 $. This year the list is somewhat shorter, but considering the event was announced very recently, I expect it to grow in time.

Anyways, you should join the group nearest to you, or if there’s none, apply to lead your own group.

I know I will.

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