So I got hacked

In my previous post I mentioned I got hacked. Let me provide you with some details…

I have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account for a while now, maybe a bit over a year which is intended for my personal use. Couple of months ago I needed another AWS account, but this time it was for work, so I signed up for another AWS account, using my company email address. However, I used the same credit card number I use with my personal AWS account.

Few days later I got an email from Amazon saying they detected some unusual activity on my AWS account and that my account most probably has been compromised/hacked. I ignored the message thinking that’s probably because I used the same CC on two accounts.

Few days later I got a new message saying they will close my Amazon account. I ignored that one as well as I was very busy at the time, and I did not need my AWS account anymore. At least not for the time being. Fast forward a week, my wife asked me to by something from Amazon for her. I went and realized I can’t log in. I remembered they closed my account a week ago, so I contacted the support.

I got my Amazon account back in no time, bought what I was supposed to buy, and then went to check if I got my AWS account back as well. That’s when I saw what I refused to believe is not a dream. There was unpaid monthly bill of almost 23 000$

AWS insane receipt

Turned out I should’ve paying more attention to their messages. I immediately changed my password and contacted the support again. This time waiting those couple of days for them to respond seemed like eternity. I finally heard back from them and they said their internal investigation confirmed I was hacked and I should not be charged this insane amount of money.

However, they had to charge the amount, probably because of their accounting so they actually transferred the money to my CC, and then charged me, so technically I paid almost $23k for a month of computing time on AWS. I’m wandering what did the son of a bitch who hacked me do with the VM. Maybe he/she just maxed it out for fun.

I wish them considerable amount of time in prison.

Unfortunately my Virtual Machine got deleted by Amazon when they closed my account and I could not investigate how I got hacked so I don’t repeat the same mistake. Also, I’ll probably never know who hacked me, although I doubt I’d be able to deduce that, except if they left a note or something.
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4 thoughts on “So I got hacked

  1. The most common cause of this is accidentally storing credentials for the account online. Every few weeks I hear this same story, and the reason is always this.

    1. Storing where? I don’t use any services for storing credentials, if that’s what you had in mind. Maybe I just misunderstood your comment :). Can you please clarify so I can do the right thing? Thanks a lot.

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